Each year, our amazing Tipsy Turtle Volunteers select one man who embraces the essence of the Viking way. It’s the man who embraces the idea of being a Turtleman from sunrise to sunset through his attire, participation, courtesy to the staff, comedic relief and “never quit” attitude. A Viking is the ultimate charger, the life of the party and the man who never says “NO”. You can only win the Viking Award once, but once you are a Viking, you’re a Viking for life.

Viking Award Winners

Rob Lefkowitz 2022
Clint Jensen 2021
Covid-19 2020
Chris Welling 2019
James Jones 2018
Reed Leeming 2017
Bo Jahna 2016
Sean Denyse 2015
Derrick Hoskins 2014
Chuck McGarrity 2013
Mack Perry 2012
Chris Cummings 2011
Ed Lunsford The Original Viking